Kelly Marx

Kelly is Coiled’s business manager.  Our first employee, Kelly has been crucial in helping build the business to where it is today.  Kelly has two small children, Meli and Theo, a stepson, Jack,
and is married to Aaron Wermerskirchen, executive chef
at Juniper, one of Boise’s best restaurants.


Meredith Schmidt

Meredith is a wanderer at heart, but we’ve managed to capture her interest for a few years now.  She manages the downtown wine bar and is beloved by our wine club and regulars alike.  In short, Meredith is pretty much magical and we are so happy her wandering led her to us.  Her husband, Daniel Orr, is a chef at a local hotspot, The Modern. .


Lauren Farrell

Lauren dropped from the stars when we needed her most.  We were in the process of remodeling the two spaces when she moved to Idaho from Oregon.  She was an instant fit for our Garden City tasting room, given her long background in the wine world combined with a calm and warm demeanor.  Lauren grew up in Napa, CA and spent years working in the Oregon wine industry.  Her husband Bryan is a US Army Veteran, and is currently serving as a Sergeant First Class in the National Guard.


Mel Jackson

Mel is a force of nature, who always travels with a smile, gusto, and positive energy.  We can always count on Mel to get the job done and done right.  Mel has 3 teenage children (River, Piper, and Sailor) and 1 adult child (Hunter) so the challenges we throw her way are barely a blip on her radar

Coiled Team Alumni


Steph Claman

Steph loves whisky and rare steak. she looks and sounds delicate, but this woman has gusto! steph works full-time in an accounting office and part-time at the downtown wine bar. steph’s daughter, presley, shares her mama’s beauty and warm heart.

Clint Wulf

How do we love thee?  A lot.  Clint’s warm heart, wicked humor, and can-do attitude are a priceless contribution to Coiled.  He recently took a sabbatical to Hawaii and life was not quite the same around Coiled.  Clint is studying to be a nurse and is married to Casey Seckel, a Life Flight Nurse.

Brigid Leake

Brigid is a sage and a healer, with an infectious giggle.  I knew we needed her to join our family the moment I met her.  She brings a very calming presence.  Brigid is completing the final stretch of nursing school, but we hope she will always remain part of our family in some capacity.

amanda dalton

Amanda was our second employee. She adds style, sass, and a lot of energy and love to the Coiled family.  Amanda is an independent consultant for Rodan and Fields and works part-time at the wine bar.  She is the mother of a bright-eyed and spirited boy named Lincoln.