March Newsletter

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March 2018 Newsletter


Happy March Coiled Followers,

    We have some big fun this month!

    The NCAA March Madness in Boise brings out Mamba Madness in Coiled, and apparently in our Coiled followers as well! We sold out of our library glass pours in the first 2 days! Wow! So, now come grab some library Minstrel by the glass at the downtown wine bar, starting March 6th until it's gone.

    In addition to Bingo downtown on the 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, we will be adding a new event on the 3rd Wednesday: Coiled(s) Against Humanity Night!

    Also, we want to make sure and give a little something to the Treefort festival crowds. So, Coiled will be doing some fun festival attendee perks! The downtown Wine Bar will even be open on Sunday, March 25th. We hope you stop by!

    Stay tuned for a new Translations RED Cab blend in BOTTLE coming this month!

    If you have not picked up your Fall Release, please do so. You will have until March 15th to pick up your wine before it is donated to a local charity of our choice.

    Club, be on the lookout for our link to save your seat for the Spring Release on April 22nd! It should be coming in the next 2 weeks!

    Not in club? Sign up and guarantee access to Coiled's wines that continue to sell out! Reach out to ME to sign up!

    Please make sure and read ahead for even more details on all of our March events!

Enjoy those teasing tasters of spring!








Looking for a great place to unwind during and after Treefort festival?

Come "UNCOIL" with Coiled.

The Wine Bar will be open for traditional hours and additionally,

Sunday, March 25th from 3-10pm!

Every Treefort attendee that stops by Coiled and shows their wristband, get's entered into the pot for a FREE LIBRARY BLACK MAMBA!

In addition, all wristbands get you $1 off Glass pours!

*not valid with any other discounts*

*1 entry PER DAY for the Black Mamba bottle*




In honor of Boise scoring the March Madness Tournament, Coiled will be bringing 3 cases of 2013 Minstrel Cab Blend out of library for the entire month of March (or until it sells out!)




Join Meredith and Clint for Bingo night Downtown!

2nd and 4th Wednesdays of the month

This Month's Dates:

Wednesday, March 14th and 28th

7-9 PM

First Come, First Serve




Coiled(s) Against Humanity


Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Downtown Wine Bar

March Date:

Wednesday, 21st




Come and Get It!

Petite Sirah and Chablis are now available

by the glass and bottle to the Public!



March 23-24

Not attending Treefort?

Join Meredith and Clint for Wine and Cheese Night at the

Films at Arling Grange



Bring us your EVENTS!

Both Coiled Wine Bar and Tasting Room can be rented for your special event! Contact for further information.

In addition, we are able to handle larger private groups during regular hours. But, we do ask that you please notify us in advance for parties of 10 or more!

Thanks so much!


Sunday, March 25th


Brunch With Brig

Featuring Crisp


11am to 2pm

(or until it's gone)



Peter Lovera at the Wine Bar

New art up at the Wine Bar by local photographer, Peter Lovera!

Come check it out!

“I use a vintage camera lens from 1969 to focus on the subtle, textural, colorful details of everyday magical moments that may otherwise go unnoticed. I compose the photos, edit them, and present them to you in hopes of uplifting your spirits while inviting you to become more aware of our connectivity to these moments and the environments which they present themselves in.”


We've Got RED On the Horizon!!!!

Translations latest RED release is a new Cab Blend in BOTTLE!

March release date to be announced soon!


A note from Leslie...


Dear Coiled Supporters-

Okay, so there might have been another little spill. The good news is that I am a pro at stopping spills now (I’m pretty sure I will be punished for that statement), so I caught this one very quickly. This time it was Riesling hitting the ground, which may be the real reason for my lightening-fast reaction. 

I must have some mad skills on my forklift because I managed to hit the tiniest clamp on a tank while avoiding all of the more obvious valves. Who knew I could hit such a small target!?! Clint won’t even have to patch the wall this time.

The moment I saw juice flowing, I was off my forklift. Unfortunately, the forklift was still moving in reverse. Back on the forklift to save my wall, and then back to saving Riesling. No question in my mind; Riesling is far more important than a wall. However, that wall functions to keep my Riesling at just the right temperature. Rather than contemplating the whole chicken vs egg conundrum, I decided to protect the chicken and the egg. In this process, I repeatedly yelled “no,” in a primal voice that could rival Rambo. It was a voice I have not heard before and in retrospect, I kind of feel like a badass. This simply was not going to happen.

In the end, I lost very little juice. It was almost worth it for the discovery of my primal thunder within. I have always known it was there, but I did not know what it sounded like. I only knew that it had a profound love for Riesling and Idaho.

It never hurts to have a story to tell during the monotony of bottling season. Oddly, bottling seems so mechanical and obvious, but it is the most stressful thing I do. The strides we have made in making bottling streamlined and smooth are noteworthy and make me proud. However, the stress is the same. I accept that. I think it means I still really care. It also means I am still dumb enough to hope that it will all go great, and smart enough to know that the bottling demons exist to keep winemakers in check.

Demons become regular passengers in a winemaker’s life this time of year. I am far more zen during harvest. Final blending and bottling might not seem like existential issues when you consider the world at large, but when I consider my world, and how much I love it, they become pretty important. I do not want to disappoint you because you have given me the gift of a lifetime. 

I recently read a very interesting passage on vulnerability and people who make things. The gist was that you cannot be free to express yourself creatively if you feel burdened by the pressures of always surpassing previous successes. You have to find your fulfillment in the act of creating and not in the response you get. As a business owner and a crafter, I toss that around a lot. I have bills to pay. The response matters. As a crafter, I have learned that I must trust my instincts if I care to maintain my joy, my creativity, and my sanity. I love positive feedback, but I am committed to making something that I love, and dealing with the consequences if others do not. So far, that has worked out. Maybe it is because my Coiled family could sell anything, but I really think it is because they believe that we sell more than wine and they feel really happy and grateful to take care of an audience who supports craft.

In any case, I am going to continue trusting my instincts and shoeing away the demons. My Coiled family could not be any better and we have an audience who appreciates what we do. Even if you don’t love every wine, you know I do… and I think that is worth a lot. It is to me.


Thank you and happy spring.