July Newsletter

July 2018 Newsletter

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*guest of honor capturing her own perspective of the bridal shower!*


Happy 4th, Coiled family!


    Thank you to all of those who participated in our very busy Idaho Wine Month. We had a blast and are looking forward to celebrating more summer fun with all of you.

    -Final Bingo of the summer is tomorrow night (Wednesday, June 27th!) Don't forget to go close out summer Bingo with Mere from 7-9 pm.

    As for our July calendar:

    -Coiled will be open downtown on July 4th. We will be open from 3pm-8pm. Come let Mere pour you a glass of sparkling on special for $6/glass before you light your sparklers!

    -Coiled will be open and ready for all of the festivities during the Twilight Criterium. We will hold extended hours for all of the racers and their families to come celebrate the day! Open 1pm-11pm

    -Alive After Five continues every Wednesday, through July! Come pre-funk at Coiled or cool down with a slushy after the show!

·     -July First Thursday on July 5th will feature one of our own club members, Dee Miller and her incredible art. Half glasses and Slushies will be ready for your first Thursday festivities!

    -Slushies! We have certainly been having fun with our new slushies! Our current flavors are Frozen Riesling, Banter Sangria, and Twilight swirl. Twilight Slushies will be on special for, you guessed it, the Twilight Criterium. So, come cool down with one!

    -We will have Steel Straws starting in July! Please don't steal our new straws!!! We will have them available for purchase for $2/each if you can't live without them.

·    -Petite Sirah is sold out. Thankfully, Leslie is busy bottling more! So, we will have more soon!

·     -Not in Club? Sign up and get guaranteed access to Coiled's wines—especially those that sell out quickly.  Reach out to ME to sign up!


On a very special note:     

    We are celebrating our dearest Lauren, who will be taking a new last name this weekend. Lauren is off to Oregon to marry her best friend, Bryan. Please toast her marriage on your next visit in! We are so very happy for you Lauren! Cheers!



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Happy 4th of July!


Coiled's Downtown Wine Bar Hours for the 4th:



Come say "Hi" to Meredith and grab a glass of Sparkling RIZZA on special for $6/glass all day!


Have fun and be Safe!


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First Thursday Downtown

We are welcoming our very own club member and extremely talented, Dee Miller for the month of July in the downtown spot. Dee and her gorgeous pieces will be present for a "meet the artist" experience on First Thursday, July 5th, from 5-9 pm.


    "My name is Dee Miller a plein air painter in Idaho. Plein air is painting on location, out in the elements the sun, rain, snow, etc. It is a challenge especially when the weather is cold and damp. I paint on location in some of the most beautiful places in Idaho, my favorite being Redfish Lake. I am always on the lookout for my next favorite place to paint. My first painting experience was in school when I was around 8 years old. I won an up and coming artist award. And I was rewarded with a summer art camp. That was my start and I went on to do figures and faces, which are so much fun."

For more info on Dee click HERE


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Twilight Criterium

Saturday, July 14th


Come hang with the Downtown Coiled Crew!

Coiled will be open for extended hours from 1pm-11pm to host all of the racers, families, and observers!

Twilight Slushies will be available for $8/glass all day!


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Slushies have taken off in both of our locations. Come grab our most recent flavors Tuesday-Saturday in the Downtown Wine Bar. 


And, you can join us for Slushy Sundays at the tasting room in Garden City!

See you soon!



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Coiled Game Night


Every 3rd Wednesday of the Month

Downtown Wine Bar


July Date:

Wednesday, July 18th


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Have your EVENTS with us!


Both the Coiled Wine Bar and Tasting Room can be rented for your special event. Contact info@coiledwines.com for further information.


In addition, we are able to handle larger private groups during regular hours. But, we do ask that you please notify us in advance for parties of 10 or more.


Thanks so much!


A note from Leslie...

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“Your body is not a temple. It is an amusement park.  Enjoy the ride!”


                                                                                                -Anthony Bourdain




             I am not one to idolize celebrities, but Anthony Bourdain’s death has left me adrift. I felt a bit the same way when Tom Petty died, but he sort of always dwelled in the stars so his death did not seem like such a departure.  Anthony Bourdain struck me as a man who was very much meant for our time and our people. Rather than focus merely on legends known far and wide, he also sought out unknown chefs, cooks, and purveyors who were among the best in their region, in an effort to understand a place, often underlining political strife and harsh economic realities.  Food and drink allowed Anthony Bourdain quick access to protected hearts, in turn allowing us special glimpses of very special people and places.  It was never about status, although he also rubbed elbows with many of the all-time greats. It was always about passion, commitment, and precision.


            I am struck by the coexistence of Anthony Bourdain’s self-described type- A personality—meticulously organized, always punctual, and relentlessly demanding— and his ability to get lost in a beautiful meal and the haze of inebriation, with little concern for control.  What an interesting and complicated intersection.


            As sad as I am to see him go, I am so grateful to have seen so many inspiring stories from every corner of the globe.  I will have to find my peace in that.  Creating food and drink for those around us is a very human experience not to be undervalued.  His show reminded us that life’s greatest gifts are pretty simple at the end of the day. 


            I have recently travelled to a number of wineries in Washington for the Translations project. Every wine cellar is unique in size, layout, and culture, but there is a common denominator that always feels familiar and comfortable.  I am guessing chefs and cooks find a similar comfort in the endless variations of kitchens. It is a treat to walk into an unfamiliar cellar and be welcomed like you belong.  That will never get old to me and has been the highlight of the Translations project.


            Our next Translations blend is comprised, in part, of juice that was a struggle to get.  The winery selling it wanted to sell it all in one transaction.  There was no way I could purchase that much wine, so I asked my broker to tell the winery I was a one woman show in the cellar and that we are a winery with a lot of soul.  It worked!  I think it helped drive the point home when I pulled up in my Penske to haul the juice myself.


            The world of craft is inherently scrappy.  Thank goodness it is a world you all go out of your way to support.  It is important and it makes a difference in our communities.  


            While away on my wine adventures, my kids have been spreading their wings in independent and creative endeavors of their own.  Aiden went to D.C. with his 7th grade class and came back drinking coffee and listening to Pink Floyd.  Ian went to the Y Camp at Horse Thief and came back without having showered once.  I guess independent expression comes in many forms!


Your support is never lost on me. 




Other quotes from a final interview with Anthony Bourdain done by Fast Company and available on You Tube. My intention is not to take away from someone else’s work.  It is to relish in Bourdain’s wicked humor and fierce soul:


I abhor competent work.


By instinct, I’m old school, particularly when it comes to pasta and sushi.  I don’t think God wants you to put cream cheese on sushi or mayonnaise on sushi…ever.  Ever.


I’d much rather fail gloriously than not venture, not try.  I’m not interested in competent story-telling.  I’m looking to tell them with some style, originality, and creativity that is interesting to me and the people I work with.


My kind of failure:  A powerful reaction, one way or another, is infinitely more preferable to me than pleasing everybody.  If I walk into a room where everyone agrees with me, I find that frightening and dismaying…and boring as f*ck.


I said no a lot to what seemed like easy money.  Well look, what is good for you in the short run is not always good for you in the long run. Someone offers you a million dollars to do an anti-diarrhea commercial, well, you know, that’s a lot of money in the short run.  But in the long run, you are always going to be the guy with the shits.  That’s a life sentence.