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Featured Artist!

Also, our featured local artist for the month will be our very own,

Lauren Morton-Farmer

Though her initial fascination with photography stems from her childhood in the Napa Valley, Lauren’s love and eventual plunge into the world of images was honed and fostered in her adopted home state of Oregon. After graduating from Pepperdine University, she moved to the Willamette Valley where she would spend the next decade photographing weddings, births, events, and portraits. While she has been incredibly honored, and humbled beyond words, to spend such monumental and sacred moments with the people she has worked with, it was the beauty of the Columbia River Gorge that drew her back to photographing natural landscapes. With the series of photos simply titled “Wahclella” she shares a place that has become both monumental and sacred to her. Not only is this waterfall stunningly gorgeous, but it was the place her best friend asked her to be his wife. It is with great joy that she shares this special piece of the world with the first people she called friends when she moved to Boise – her Coiled family.

Lauren's photos will be on display in the downtown shop for the

Month of May.